Bistro 24 in Winter Garden, FL

Amy and I had lunch today with Dawson (our 1 year old) at Bistro 24 in Winter Garden. The meal was exactly what we were looking for and they had the perfect little lunch for Dawson. While there I had the chance to meet Kyra Stinson who’s on staff and a relative of one of the owners. As we ate, customers strolled in ordering wine, lunch or both. One of the customers had ordered a pizza next door and came to the Bistro for a glass of wine while she waited.

Kyra was kind enough to go on camera with me and tell you a bit about the specials going on during the week at the Bistro.

Bistro 24
24 West Plant Street
Winter Garden, FL

Axum Coffee in Winter Garden

Named after a city in Ethiopia, Axum Coffee is a new cafe that opened recently in downtown Winter Garden, FL.  Focused on Coffeelanthropy, Axum Coffee does something a little different than your typical coffee shop.  They give away 100% of their profits to people in need.

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been using Axum as a place to sip coffee and handle some of my social media work.  As a mom and pop shop fan, finding a place that is locally owned in Central Florida is always a pleasure.  There’s a great feeling of knowing you’re supporting someone that lives near you and that you get to actually meet the people who dreamed up the company.

I can’t speak anything on their menu since I’ve only had their coffee, but I can say the coffee is very good.

I will speak on their character, which so far what I’ve seen, is very driven to knowing the people that walk through the door.

With a small area for kids to watch tv and play with toys to couches, chairs and tables for people like me to engage and surf (wifi) I’ve really come to like visiting Axum.

The only unfortunate negative to Axum coffee is the bathroom. In order to get to the bathroom you have to exit the back door, go the elevator and take it up to level 2. Axum is located in a new building in downtown Winter Garden and shares the bathroom with the neighboring theater.

Creative Branding in a Small Town

The City of Winter Garden, FL is a quaint small town with great potential for businesses to do something different than anyone else.  I had this thought on creative branding the other day, regarding the town, and I figured it would be a great opportunity to share with all of you.

One of the most noted attractions to Winter Garden is it’s biking community. The West Orange Trail passes through the town attracting bikers who ride the path to stop in and treat themselves to a break. This is a huge opportunity for a business to really take advantage of some great marketing.