Broken Marketing

No matter how great you market your business, your reputation will eventually supersede you.

Last night as I sat watching Monday Night Football with my good friends, time after time,  AT&T’s beautifully well written and produced commercial telling me that they cover 97% of America did absolutely nothing but tell me they are liars.

I jokingly said to my buddies, “I guess no matter where I go I’m always in the 3%.”  We chuckled and laughed because we all agreed.  The only 97% statistic that AT&T is accomplishing, is that 97% of their customers complain about their coverage.

The company has done well in pushing out their name, including the contract deal with Apple to exclusively serve the iPhone. Unfortunately they swung and missed on this opportunity to deliver, and rather than spend marketing dollars on better coverage, they spent their money on sounding like liars to the public.

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Facebook’s New Group Pages

Facebook launched their new group pages that seem to offer members an easier way of communicating.  You can now chat with members of the group in real time all at once, the group posts show up in news feeds, you can create and share docs, and you can set up your notifications to let you know when users interact on it.  Oh, and how can I forget….you no longer invite people to join your groups….you add them.  Bam.

But before I go off and rave about the new groups, I also found

Put Your Heart Into It

In the last 5 months of living around Orlando I’ve experienced some pretty cool theme parks.  80% of that time the people that were a part of the shows entertaining me and my family put every ounce of their passion into their job.  I could feel their passion and so could the crowd.  The other 20% of the time I experienced a passion from the entertainers that was a bit less than expected.

The 80% of my experiences left me with goosebumps and complete satisfaction.  I smiled from ear to ear and talked about the experience with others.   The other 20% stuck out like a turd in my living room and stunk just as bad.  That too I talked about with others.

Chances are you’re not the only one who can do what you do, so put your heart into it.

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Managing your Reputation Online

Some people say that if you’re not pissing people off, you’re not doing your job. That can be true, especially if you’re pushing forward making noise in your industry. You can’t please everyone, and if you tried, you’d never see the potential of your company.

But should you care when people complain about you on the internet?

Yes. Like your sisters name on the towns water tower, you should be concerned.