A Great Way to Practice Leadership

Is there a voice inside of you that keeps telling you to lead, but you don’t really know what to do with it?

One of the best ways to practice leadership is with an audience that is super forgiving. Kids.

Kids are hungry for leadership. They rely heavily on adults organizing things for them to do and there’s a lot of kids that have no one to do it for them. Working with kids can also teach you three important things:

Speaking, patience, and how not to take yourself too seriously.

When you’re a leader, people take notice. There’s a character that will resonate in you and whether you call it an aura, spirit, or self confidence, that character will be recognized even when you aren’t purposely leading.

There are lots of organizations that need leaders to volunteer everyday. Here’s some you may consider based on your situation:

1. Boy/Girl Scouts
2. Church
3. Tutoring Programs
4. Boys & Girls Clubs of America
5. Sports (little league, soccer, etc.)

These are the first five that come to mind. There may be some local programs you can find simply by asking. The first step in leadership is the easiest and yet often the hardest – Deciding to take action.

I have to warn you though…once you start working with kids, you may not stop.

Using Social Media to hold you Accountable

Our status updates are like a time sheet being filled out to document our daily journey. Is your story the same every single day? Does it lack a story? Do you push yourself harder to achieve something new? Discover something new? Learn something new?

I ask my son a few days out of the week the classic daddy question: “What did you learn today?”

It’s completely acceptable to use the excuse of having to create an awesome status update everyday if it pushes you to live more adventurously.

If social media is your reality show, who would watch?