K Wine Bar, Orlando FL

My plan was to originally put this up only on Yelp, but when I began to debate the expansion of my blog content, I decided to wait.  After deciding to open up my blogs beyond my passion in marketing, I now have the green light to share all my thoughts and experiences.  (that could actually be scary, lol)

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to sit down and have lunch at the K Wine Bar in College Park (Orlando).  I was invited by Mark Russell, editor of the Orlando Sentinel, to join him for lunch with Roger Simmons, Director of Content for Tribune Interactive, and John Cutter, the OrlandoSentinel.com Manager.

Two things I really enjoy:

1. Marketing Strategies

2. Food

I assumed the K Wine Bar must have been good because Mark chose it.  Since meeting Mark some months ago, I’ve come to realize he has a keen sense on where all the good food can be found around town.

Located in what feels like a home, The restaurant has that quaint small town appeal and you can’t help be feel that you’re about to enjoy whatever is you order.

I’m a fan of many foods, but rarely do I pass up the opportunity of ordering comfort food for lunch.  A good burger is always welcome and after seeing the waitress pass by with one for our neighbors next to us, my decision became easy.  As a matter of fact, all the decisions around the table were quite easy as we all ordered the same burger with the exception of how it was prepared and what it came with on the side.

You might find it odd, but when the waitress asks me how I’d like my burger prepared, I always say “Pink.”  I do this because not all chefs cook their burgers the same.  My order usually ends up either medium or medium rare.  For the K Wine Bar, I ended up getting the medium as the waitress told us that they usually cook it slightly under.

The burger was absolutely delicious and (hopefully) so was the discussion 😉  As far as my side dish, the potato salad didn’t necessarily stand out but it was definitely good.

I will be back, but I think the next time it will be for dinner with my lady.

You can find the K Wine Bar at:

1701 Edgewater Drive

Orlando, FL  32804

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