You’re Going to Love this Home Buying Story!

Dorothy works at our local Publix here in Dr Phillips and she is all smiles and all business.  15 years ago while working at Walmart, she decided she was going to do whatever it took to buy her first home with cash.  Every month she took one of her paychecks and put it straight into savings and used the other paycheck to live from.  As you can imagine, that was no easy challenge!  She told me how she ate pretzels and peanut butter for lunch to save money and everywhere she went and everything she did, she pinched.  I was told her wardrobe is only as big as her wingspan!  

A few days after listing my client’s property, Dorothy called asking to see it.  It was my client’s first home, but after moving years ago she had kept it and turned it into a rental property.  The home had a lot of great memories behind it, but was in need of love and needed someone who could see the potential.  We met at the property and she showed up with a clipboard ready to inspect every detail.  By the time we left, I’m pretty sure she had every room remodeled in her head.  

Here’s some great insight when putting in an offer – Dorothy was prepared.  Just as she put in her offer, another one had come in.  Dorothy’s offer showed clear proof of funds and was a slam dunk compared to the other.  My client saw that and went with Dorothy.  (The story doesn’t stop here)

At Closing

We closed at First American Title and Dorothy showed up with her significant other, Brian, however there was supposed to be another person there.  Dorothy and her sister were really close and she knew how hard Dorothy had worked to get to this point.  Unfortunately she had just got out of chemotherapy and was unable to attend.  Making sure she wouldn’t miss it, Dorothy got her on speaker phone and she joined us for the closing.  

When all the paperwork was finished, Dorothy asked if she could get a photo of the keys being handed off.  

A Special Moment

I took the photo, and right as I started to walk away, the two of them embraced in the warmest of hugs.  I quickly got my phone back out and happened to catch it right at the last second.  It was incredible!  

There were so many emotions from both sides of the table and I couldn’t have been happier to have been a part of it.  

What was one woman’s starter home became another’s forever home.  


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