What if Google’s answer to Facebook is simply Chrome?

What if Google’s answer to Facebook is simply….Chrome?

Google offers so many different tools that aren’t necessarily seamless like facebook. What I mean by that, is that most people who use Facebook, use all their features. That’s not true for Google. Here you have a company that seems to explore so many different avenues of technology, that you go from a website that searches the internet all the way to a car that drives itself.

What’s been on my mind though, is when and how will google pull it all together? It hit me today…..Chrome

What if Google’s browser is the answer. What if the browser is the platform (network) that pulls it all together? I think it is, and eventually that could mean a Facebook browser is in our future.

Chrome features a wide variety of features catered to Personal and Business use.  If you have questions on how to begin leveraging Google for your business, contact me at 407-850-VANZ (8269)

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