The Invisible Story

Two weekends ago I spent a few days traveling down a very interesting road with a group of guys out in TN. Not a typical weekend at all, I spent it with no technology. I found myself often reaching for my phone to google unknown answers or to share a quick text with my wife on something amazing. It was easy the first day living without it, but the next 2 days were the ones where I caught myself reaching for my smartphone.

Detaching yourself from the everyday hustle and bustle is so important. If you don’t do that once in a while you’ll subconsciously ignore what your heart is telling you. With minimal free time in our day to day lives, we don’t have time to hear our heart, so we give an immediate reaction to everything around us. Over time those reactions lose focus and we need time to reconnect with who we are.

Much of the weekend was spent identifying my invisible story. We all have one. It defines us even when we don’t know it.

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