Little Detroit in Orlando

These last few days have been an absolute whirlwind of craziness. On Saturday my friends, The American Secrets, came into town to perform at the Orlando Calling, a music festival featuring around 60 bands playing at the Citrus Bowl.

With a sitter for Dawson, Amy and I took Ethan with us on both Saturday and Sunday. This marked Ethan’s first concert that he’s been to outside of the local shows that we’ve taken him to over the past few years. Although he missed The Killers and Bob Seger he got to check out The American Secrets, Kid Cudi, Blake Shelton and Kid Rock.

Sunday night at the Orlando Calling was wild. We met up with other friends to go see Kid Rock and Seger. It was like being in little Detroit with mounds of fans filling the VIP room with shirts, jackets and hats that donned the Detroit Tigers old english “D”, Made in Detroit, and other Detroit themed clothing. Almost every conversation I’d hear in passing had some reference to that person living or having lived in Michigan.

Outside of the gorgeous weather, I had almost forgotten that I wasn’t in Detroit.