Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

Just to explain it….a salt lamp produces negative ions in the air. Typically, the air is filled with positive ions which cause dust particles to float which causes you to breath them in, which causes issues with allergies. The lamp puts negative ions in the air which causes the dust particles to fall to the ground. (also eliminates dust from gathering on furniture) When I researched “salt” I found there’s a lot of amazing things about it. Actually salt was considered very valuable in the past and is the meaning behind the word “Salary”.

So has it worked? Since moving to Florida my allergies started to cause throat issues. I was dealing with extreme sore throat problems that felt like razor blades. I’d wake up throughout the night have to use throat sprays just so I could get back to sleep. When I explained this to my dentist she told me about using a salt lamp and that it helps with allergies and has also helped her daughter with her Asthma.

She told me I could get it at our local farmers market so I did. Literally 2 days later my throat cleared up and I haven’t had problems since.

Pride of the Problem Spotter

The best way to never get over a problem is to keep focusing on it.

Spotting a problem is easy, and for many of us, it can create a sense of pride for being the first one to notice it. That sense of pride resonates inside of us and it’s in our nature to want to revisit that feeling and duplicate it as often as possible.

What Color are You?

Who we are is a result of what we have allowed to pour into us. If we look at ourselves like the color of paint, it’s interesting what we’ll see. Let’s say your a cool blue who allows an angry red thought to cross your mind. It comes in, in the amount of a teaspoon, but you don’t dwell on it, so the pouring stops. A gallon of blue is still blue when you add a teaspoon of red, but if you continue to be angry and ignore the true color of who you are, the red will continue to pour and eventually you will no longer be blue.