Yazoo Brewery – Nashville, TN

While in Nashville today I had a few hours to go check out Yazoo Brewery.  The brewery wasn’t open but thanks to a conversation that started on Twitter I happened to catch them right before a private tour of their place.

Neil, who hosted the tour, was kind enough to invite me and my son Ethan along.  It was a great experience!  Below are some photos I snapped using Instagram on my iPhone:

















(Neil, pictured above, was an awesome host to the tour)


One of the things I learned on the tour was that Nashville has a law that without a liquor license a brewery can’t serve any beer over 6%. Even though I had the privilege of tasting their delicious Hops Project IPA, this law did prevent me from getting a taste of their beer called “Sue” which Gerard Wallen of Road Trips For Beer recommended I try.

Thankfully Neil told me a little store two blocks over called Frugal (sp?) had it for sale. I of course picked some up! (I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s a 9% beer according to the bottle)