Myspace For Sale

You know…what would you do with myspace?  it holds a memorable place in my heart when I discovered it still in it’s infant stages and it triggered my desire to launch Michigan’s first social network, and the Nations first local social network,  We were pioneers in this new world of social media and I remember using Myspace as a measuring stick to how I’d like to see social media done.  I remember the days sitting in our office in Rochester Michigan brainstorming what a better model would look like.  We created that model just for Metro Detroit.  mmmmmm…..memories.

What launched as a site geared towards music, Myspace went on a rampage of glitter graphics and profiles that took 5 minutes to download.  It seemed to struggle in the end though as the site didn’t win the overall prize of breaking down the barriers of age acceptance.  The older generation seemed to use it, but at the same time was often embarrassed to admit it.  Although Myspace couldn’t shake the 17 year old demographic, Facebook, in the end, defeated it not by sex appeal, but by functionality.

Myspace, left in the dust, reverted back to their roots and found themselves focusing once again on the music scene.

It was too late.

When it all comes down to it, Myspace struggled with the same thing I fought day in and day out.  Bands will network and promote themselves where the path of least resistance lies.  If the fans are networking somewhere else, the bands will find themselves there.  That place is now Facebook.

So what happens now with Myspace?  It’s going to be hard for them to overcome the memory that exists inside of people who knew them.  Competing against Facebook as a social network is not the answer.  Value has to come from somewhere other than networking and with that, all fingers point to leveraging music and entertainment.

Is it too late for that too?  Youtube, iTunes, Rhapsody?   The only remote thought I have is MTV, but I can’t see them being interested.  They could launch a site with a weird name and still make it work…but wait…isn’t their parent company Viacom involved with Hulu?

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