Go Big or Go Home

Playing it safe will never make you stand out.

When I’m commissioned to develop a unique marketing concept, I smile from ear to ear because that’s my time to shine.

When I’m asked to show how the marketing concept has been done before with results, my smile quickly fades.

I understand that budgets are smaller. I understand you may have been put in a position to make choices for a company that you didn’t create. I understand that your job could be in jeopardy if you don’t produce results. But doing what others have already done before will not put you in position to achieve what others have never achieved before.

There are no proven results for unique. Unique allows you to pave the trail

For fun!
This is an awesome video of people who decided to do what others haven’t done.

Cashmap launches Weekly Webinar Series

Last week, Dr. Brad Semp launched the beginning of his weekly webinar series on Cashmaps.

Dr. Brad is a leading solution expert in action-centric systems. He designed Cashmaps to be a step-by-step map to help individuals and companies to grow their business. There are two areas of his Cashmap System that he offers.

The first is the Strategy Cashmap, an 11,000 foot overview of the actions needed for each particular focus. (there are over 60 Cashmaps available – See Popular)

What The TP Incident Can Teach Us

So this morning a lady walked into the gym and hopped up on the elliptical in front of me and began her cardio workout. As she began her workout I noticed something a little off. She had TP sticking out the top of her spandex in the back. It puzzled me for a bit, because I wasn’t sure if she had it there for a reason. (maybe sweat?) but as she answered her ringing cell phone and continued to talk while working out, I kept quiet. 10 minutes later she reached around and discovered what she obviously thought was left in the bathroom, hung up her phone, and continued her workout quietly.

If you know me, I like to take personal experiences and relate them to my industry, so here we go!

Here’s what this mornings incident of the Public TP tangle can teach you about your marketing 🙂

1. There’s a strong possibility that the image you think your brand is portraying is quite different from what people are seeing

2. Just because people don’t saying anything about what you’re doing wrong with your marketing, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything wrong.

3. If you’re not willing to give it all you got, then don’t waste your time. (If you can talk on a cell phone in your cardio workout for 10 minutes, you’re not trying hard)

4. If you want your brand to stand out at whatever cost, stick some TP in it and stand in front of people. (I can’t promise this will give a positive return)

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Managing your Reputation Online

Some people say that if you’re not pissing people off, you’re not doing your job. That can be true, especially if you’re pushing forward making noise in your industry. You can’t please everyone, and if you tried, you’d never see the potential of your company.

But should you care when people complain about you on the internet?

Yes. Like your sisters name on the towns water tower, you should be concerned.