Phlier’s Instagram Photo Walk

I’m completely obsessed with Instagram, as it’s taken over as my #1 camera.  I have an old Canon 10D that still shoots great pics and we have a point and shoot in our home.  However, I’d probably say that 98% of my photos are now taken through Instagram.

That being said, I was excited to do’s Instagram Photo Walk on Sunday in Downtown Orlando.  The great part about the walk was definitely connecting with new people from the Orlando area.
I’m pretty sure people were wondering what the heck was going on as I laid down in the middle of streets to snap pics, but I was in my own little world discovering little things that I’ve often overlooked on my many trips to downtown.
Ryan Price, the founder of joined the walk and provided some cool historical knowledge of the downtown area.  I don’t think he planned on it, but he pretty much took over the walk as he was definitely the most informed on where we should go and what the area represented over the last 100 or so years.  What was really cool is that although he didn’t sport an iPhone to shoot with Instagram, he was sporting the original Instagram camera.
I got a little lost in my wondering, but Amy was soaking up all the historical knowledge.
Below are some of my pics, but you can see ALL of them (from myself and others) at
The tour ended with most of us going to the Rusty Spoon.  Amy and I had never been there before and WOW.  Big thanks to Ryan for suggesting.  The place has a great selection of food and drinks and they’re a big support to the local area.

Broken Marketing

No matter how great you market your business, your reputation will eventually supersede you.

Last night as I sat watching Monday Night Football with my good friends, time after time,  AT&T’s beautifully well written and produced commercial telling me that they cover 97% of America did absolutely nothing but tell me they are liars.

I jokingly said to my buddies, “I guess no matter where I go I’m always in the 3%.”  We chuckled and laughed because we all agreed.  The only 97% statistic that AT&T is accomplishing, is that 97% of their customers complain about their coverage.

The company has done well in pushing out their name, including the contract deal with Apple to exclusively serve the iPhone. Unfortunately they swung and missed on this opportunity to deliver, and rather than spend marketing dollars on better coverage, they spent their money on sounding like liars to the public.

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