Creating Our Family Plan

A couple years ago Amy and I sat down and decided to do something different.

Write a Family Plan.

If you saw or heard how the plan worked you’d agree it was a great way to live intentionally. I shared the “how to” and purpose of the plan with a friend of mine who was running a Habitat for Humanity back in Michigan and she absolutely loved it. She asked if I’d be interested in teaching families that are helped by HFH on how to make their own. I found that to be a huge compliment, but passed on the idea because I felt it wouldn’t be right to teach something that I haven’t lived out myself.

After a couple months of writing it the plan disappeared. Circumstances got in the way and we began to respond to life outside of our original intentions. I realize that this is probably common with businesses as well. We spend hours and hours writing a business plan and after it’s done put it to the side and forget that it’s there. Over time we wonder why things didn’t work out as we planned.

I regret now not teaching others how to do this when asked to. I strongly feel that teaching is the best way to learn, and it may have caused us to stick to it.

The plan has recently come up in conversation between Amy and I and so last night I printed it off. ┬áThis week we are revisiting it and will be making tweaks to it’s direction. ┬áRegardless of where we’re at, this time if an opportunity comes up to teach on it, I won’t be passing it up.