How did Detroit’s Chrysler Ad fare with Non-Detroiters?

After Chryslers ad featuring Detroit and one of its successful stars, Eminem, Detroiters/Michiganders hit the net with post after post of passion and love for their city.  In a recent facebook thread I noticed a conversation that was brewing on the impact the ad had throughout it’s viewership.  It seemed as if anyone living in Detroit or used to live in Detroit was heavily impacted by it’s production.

But what about people who have never lived in the city?

Did Chryslers ad find it’s way into the hearts of others across the nation, or was it simply a perfect opportunity to rally the large group of already Detroit supporters together?

To gauge the opinions I posted a status update for “Non-Detroiters” to respond to.  Of course Detroiters jumped in with their say, but for this blogs sake, I took their posts out.  The following image below shows comments from people who have never lived in Detroit and what they thought of the ad.

These are only a few comments from Non-Detroiters.  If you’re reading this blog and you don’t live in Detroit, I’d love to know your thoughts.  Did the Chrysler ad change your opinion of Detroit or move you in any way?