Yellow Car the Game

With mobile gaming systems and minivans with flat screens, traveling any distance in a car without the kids involving any electronics seems to be very rare.  For a while, you’d think it was illegal to drive in our car without the Nintendo DS.  Now, it makes a rare appearance.  Why?

Yellow Car.

Hannah Harrell, daughter of Byron and Delaina Harrell of Michigan had it in her mind to create a fun car game that would spread across the nation through word of mouth.  Although Hannah’s game Yellow Car was already created (with various rules that seem to change based on what source you’re reading) I still wanted to post this blog because I think it’s great that someone young wants to use their imagination to create something with big hopes and expectations.

Our knowledge of the game came when Hannah’s friend Isabella (also a friend of my son) came to visit us.  Isabella told my son Ethan about it, and since then, our family has become hooked on playing yellow car.  The game has evolved somewhat with our own rules, but the over all concept of the game is spotting yellow cars.  Every time you spot one, you get a point.

With a competitive family like ours, Yellow Car has become quite the hit.  Since Isabella introduced our son to it back in October 2010, we haven’t driven in the car one time without playing it.  Even Amy and I play it when we’re by ourselves!

Here’s our house rules:

Yellow car = 1 point
Yellow pick up truck = 2 points
Yellow Truck with more than four wheels = 3 points
Yellow Semi truck with Yellow Trailer attached = 4 points
Yellow bus = 5 points
Yellow Airplane = 50 points.

If you see 2 yellow cars driving behind one another (not to the side of one another and they can’t be a truck or bus)  That’s a Double Yellow and is worth 10 points.

It’s great to see kids dream big and I hope Hannah continues to dream of creating things that will catch on across the world.  In the mean time, try the game Yellow Car, It’s fun and addicting!

Creative Commons © Copyright
Creative Commons © Copyright