Uncovering Your Leadership

There are some people that I’ve met that have shared their hesitancy to lead.  Not because they’re incapable, but simply because it’s not their first instinct.  Most choose not to lead because they don’t want to risk the chance of failing.  They find it easier and more comfortable to blend in with the group.

What if Leadership isn’t in Your Title?

Leadership is not always the person you call boss or coach.  Leading isn’t a fancy title that gets printed on a card or added to your LinkedIn.  There are plenty of people with those titles who fail to lead every day.

Leadership first starts with you and the daily decisions you make to take action. Choosing to show up and lead yourself is an inspiring characteristic all in itself.


While I’m stating the obvious here, it’s your attitude that goes a long way in bringing positive results.  Have you ever noticed a negative person turning around a company or division?  How many negative people do you see writing leadership books?  While a positive attitude isn’t going to make you a leader, it’s simply the starting point to every day.

When I give my kids a task, I always tell them, “whatever you do, do it well.”  While my kids have learned to hide their dislike for the chores I give them, the quality of their effort speaks loud enough.  I can always tell when they don’t want to do something, simply by the quality of their work.  Attitude shapes results.

Bring All of You

A while ago, my friend Brian Chisholm was studying at the University of Michigan.  At the time, he was taking a Japanese class and did two things that stood out.  Brian and I have been friends for a while and I always found value in his ability to find humor in all things.  During class the teacher asked all the students to write out sentences in Japanese.  What could have been a boring task, Brian found a way to bring himself and his personality to the table.  Brian’s ability to show emotion by simply drawing stick figures was always really good.  Rather than writing out sentences like everyone else, he brought his humor and artistic talent and put together a comic that included his sentences in Japanese.

In another Instance, Brian showed up to class and the teacher went around to each student asking them to say something in Japanese.  One of the students, who Brian enjoyed friendly mom-joke banter with, failed to do his work and couldn’t deliver.  When it was Brian’s turn, he chose to tell a mom joke referencing the student who failed to prepare.  The class erupted in laughter and the student was none the wiser.

These two stories have always stuck with me because they are perfect representations of bringing yourself to the table.  While skills can be learned, there is only one you.  By being you, and doing your job well, you will find success.


Time is something that flies by and yet most people don’t have the patience for.  What we do every single day, matters.  While the decisions and actions we take are not always groundbreaking or revolutionary, over time they will add up to the bigger picture.  The same thing goes for the decisions and actions we choose not to take.  For every step you choose not to take, the longer you will remain in that position.

I believe in actions before words.  If you’re actions are steady and consistent your words will have more power.  Walk blamelessly forward putting everything you have into what you want to become.  In due time, your leadership will take place and you find confidence in the position.

A Surprise Visit to Toys “R” Us

My job as a career man is to be creative and always be thinking on my feet. My job as a dad is no different and I love the challenge of planning fun and adventurous things that keep our lives interesting.

On Saturday I was thinking about one of my favorite things to do as a kid and I remembered what it was like to visit Toys “R” Us. I could spot a store a mile away and I’m pretty sure I begged us to stop for that entire mile and than some. Sometimes I got lucky, sometimes I didn’t.

I want my kids to experience that same excitement, so Amy shot across the street to the bank, grabbed a little bit of cash (in all singles of course) and we got in the car with the kids who had no idea where we were going. Here’s how it played out.

Phlier’s Instagram Photo Walk

I’m completely obsessed with Instagram, as it’s taken over as my #1 camera.  I have an old Canon 10D that still shoots great pics and we have a point and shoot in our home.  However, I’d probably say that 98% of my photos are now taken through Instagram.

That being said, I was excited to do’s Instagram Photo Walk on Sunday in Downtown Orlando.  The great part about the walk was definitely connecting with new people from the Orlando area.
I’m pretty sure people were wondering what the heck was going on as I laid down in the middle of streets to snap pics, but I was in my own little world discovering little things that I’ve often overlooked on my many trips to downtown.
Ryan Price, the founder of joined the walk and provided some cool historical knowledge of the downtown area.  I don’t think he planned on it, but he pretty much took over the walk as he was definitely the most informed on where we should go and what the area represented over the last 100 or so years.  What was really cool is that although he didn’t sport an iPhone to shoot with Instagram, he was sporting the original Instagram camera.
I got a little lost in my wondering, but Amy was soaking up all the historical knowledge.
Below are some of my pics, but you can see ALL of them (from myself and others) at
The tour ended with most of us going to the Rusty Spoon.  Amy and I had never been there before and WOW.  Big thanks to Ryan for suggesting.  The place has a great selection of food and drinks and they’re a big support to the local area.