How Do You Handle Competition?

Every other Sunday I play football with a group of guys. It’s a chance for me to stay active, be in community and feed my competitive nature….ahhh, my competitive nature…..

I Love Competition

I feed off of it because it motivates me. When I see someone making things happen, it makes me want to step up even stronger and be better at what I’m doing.

Competition is Inspiring

Inspiration can come from people in unrelated fields. I can be inspired and driven by someone that doesn’t even do what I do. Watching them succeed makes me want to succeed. Just think of the guy running beside you at the gym or on the street. Their determination to keep going helps you to keep going as well.

Competition Requires Measurement

You can’t tell how your doing unless you have someone to measure to. Who we choose to measure ourselves to will often dictate our actions. The more I step up my game, I begin to notice other people responding to it. When other people respond to me, my competition increases.

Competition is Fun

Love what you do and never give up. When you have fun and stay innovative you’ll notice other people in your circle change their game. Accept the competition and enjoy it. It’s a compliment to know that other people are watching you. I’m watching a few people in my industry change their game and it’s exciting. My goal is to remain the game changer and have fun doing it.

Competition is Healthy

The more you consistently step up, the better you will become. I’m not afraid of competition, because even if I lose, I walk away better than when I first started.