Permission to Learn

If you’re like me, when it comes to learning, you want to get to the source and not beat around the bush. It’s one of the reasons why college annoyed me. I was interested in business courses, yet I wasn’t able to take them until I completed courses like bowling. To me that made zero sense. It also didn’t make sense to people like Steve Jobs, president of Apple. In his speech at Stanford he talked about his decision to drop out of college and start attending the courses he wanted.

From what I’m hearing and seeing online, the structure of education is being challenged. Do you really need four years to get equipped to contribute to society? How is the internet impacting how we learn?

Just about everything you need to know is available to you for free online. This takes the action of changing education out of the institutions hand and puts in yours. You can make the decision today to start learning something new. It’s a permission that you are in control of.

Free Children to College Curriculum
Free riveting talks by remarkable people
Free podcasts from entrepreneurial thought leaders

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Cup of Change

While making my pot of coffee this morning I chuckled a bit. Scoop after scoop I was making my coffee just the way I love it. DARK. I even set my brew quality to STRONG. I love my coffee with a rich bold flavor, just the way Starbucks makes their regular blend. Matter of fact, we buy our coffee (extra bold) from Starbucks and/or World Market just to get it the way we like it.

7 years ago, though, my opinions were way different.  If you would have given me a cup of rich bold flavored coffee, I would have curled my lips and thought it tasted burnt.  That 7 some years ago, I was just entering into a business lease in downtown Rochester, MI.  My office happened to be right across the street from America’s favorite coffee house, Starbucks.