A Lukewarm Character is Forgettable

“A man with no enemies is a man who has no character”
Paul Newman

While on a phone call with my brother, we were talking about the Characteristics of fight or flight. We talked about two people in general at his office.

The first person flew under the radar. He didn’t make a lot noise and although he knew where he stood on his opinions, he kept them to himself in order to avoid ruffling the feathers of others.

6 P’s to Apple’s Brand Loyalty

A recent survey taken during the release of the iPhone 4 uncovered an astounding 77% of the purchases were upgrades. This type of brand loyalty is coveted by just about any product business and so I began to look at the reasons why I believe people are drawn to Apple and their products. They are what I like to call the 6 P’s of Apple’s Brand Loyalty.