How to Leverage your Staff for Bigger Results

This idea is designed for businesses who cater to walk ins and/or have a staff that generate face to face sales interactions. Example – Car Salesman, Furniture Salesman, Waiters, Bartenders, etc. If people buy your products through interaction with your staff, here’s your chance to leverage the people you’ve hired.

Social Media is powered through relationships. It’s a platform for engagement that can results in sales and referrals. When you hire a sales or customer relations person, you’re not just hiring them because they learned how to sell something, you’re hiring them because they have a personality that you feel will engage will with others and produce results.

Since they have a personality why not share that with the public? Take for instance the car sales approach. What if a dealership went beyond posting their “sales promotions” and actually posted photos and blogs about their staff. Lets say John Doe is a 40 something car salesman. He’s married with two kids.

Although John is responsible for selling all cars on the lot, he has his own personal favorite. He likes the minivan on the lot, not because it has room, but because it’s comfortable for him to get his two toddlers in and out of it without breaking his back. If a blog was written about John and why he likes that van, that blog would have key words in it targeting people who are searching for “minivans + toddlers” Not only that, but when someone finds that blog, they’re going to relate to John and possible ask for him when they come in.

People spend their money with those they feel they have some kind of relationship with. If someones story relates to another person, that person is more likely to buy. Now take for instance you do that with the rest of your staff.

Your customer service staff are oozing with personality. You work with them everyday and you know exactly what it is about them that makes them unique. Remember, social media is a relationship based platform. Find ways like this to build relationships with your customers.

The photo selected for this blog was actually centered around the idea that “The Office” became hugely successful because it wasn’t about the company that people identified with. It was the emphasis on the characteristics of the staff.

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