Have Fun and Make an Impact

You’re just about to launch your big idea and you’re looking to make a small, yet powerful impact. Chances are you have people around you that have been involved with the development or at least have bought into your idea and have encouraged you to see it through. You’re now finding yourself filled with the same amount of excitement you had the day you learned to ride a bike. You’re itching to get out and feel like you want to ride around the world and never look back. This energy is priceless and it’s the one thing that I, myself, am addicted to and hold as the reason for my love affair with entrepreneurialism.

This energy should translate into having some fun with your brand. It’s easy to walk around and tell everyone you’re the best, but the journey of actually being the best is super exciting!

Think about all the people that haven’t heard about you or your idea. Okay stop. Now think about all the people who love your idea and you. These are the groups you need to rally and pour into. People want to belong and fit in. They want to feel that they’re a part of something great.

Here’s an example of something you could do:

Gather up your supporters and go out to a local event. Print up some cool shirts with a link on them telling people where they can find you. When you’re at the event, have fun with each other and be social with the people around you. Everyone wants to be a part of groups that are having fun, and they’ll be curious to know who you are. When they ask someone in your group, they’re going to get an answer from┬ásomeone that believes in your idea.

When that passion translates to the person who asked, they’ll want to jump on and share the passion with someone else.

There are many ways to create impact through unity; this is just one. Embrace those around you that believe in you and your idea. They’re your cheerleaders and they’ll be glad to tell others about what you’re doing. Going out and branding your idea through relationships is fun. You never know who you’re going to meet and who just might take your idea over the edge into greatness.

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