FootGolf in Florida

What is FootGolf

FootGolf is a combination of the popular sports of soccer and golf. The game is played with a regulation #5 soccer ball at a golf course facility on shortened holes with 21-inch diameter cups. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf.

How Many FootGolf Courses are there in the U.S.?

I asked this question the other day and someone told me around 360-370 worldwide.  I have no idea if that’s true, but I did find a link that lists out available courses in the U.S.  FootGolf Courses in U.S.

What Should You Wear to Play FootGolf?

Footgolf Hat (no baseball caps or beanies)
Collared Shirt
Knee High Socks (Argyle Socks preferred)
Shorts (no Cargo Shorts or Soccer/Athletic Shorts)
Indoor Soccer shoes, Turf Soccer shoes are recommended (no Soccer Cleats)

I am probably the worst at following the FootGolf dress code etiquette, but then again, I’ve never been good at following rules….I’ve worn baseball caps and I’ve played barefoot.  Yes, barefoot, but not on purpose.  Don’t follow my lead…unless you want to live dangerously. *places Dr. Evil pinky to side of mouth

Where I’ve Played FootGolf

The 2 courses I’ve played so far are:
Windermere Country Club
Ritz-Carlton Golf Country Club

Is FootGolf Fun for Non-Golfers?

Yes it is.  I live in the center of a golfing heaven and I’m always the odd bird in the group who doesn’t play.  You don’t have to be great at soccer to play FootGolf either.  The groups we go out with range from soccer players to non soccer players and everyone has fun.

Why is FootGolf Fun?

Simply put..Friends.  There’s probably some serious folks who would play the course by themselves, but for me it’s all about the laughter and competition between friends.  That’s probably why most of the pictures you’ll see from me are always centered around the people I’m with.

Can Kids Play FootGolf?

Yes, of course!  I played with my 6 year old at the Ritz and we had a great time.  Be patient however and very encouraging.  Kids obviously don’t kick as strong so your game will last a little longer.  I broke the rules a bit and doubled the par for each hole.  This gave my son an attainable target to go after and the game was actually good for increasing his kicking strength.

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