[VIDEO] Facing a Fear and Fulfilling a Dream!

I remember being in school dreaming of being the guy who came out with a rock band during the school talent show and singing (whatever my favorite song at the time was) on stage. Even when I hear a great jammin’ song today I pretend in my mind that I’m on stage somewhere singing it. (yeah, I’m a dork)

I guess singing on stage has always been one of those things I’ve wanted to do. But there’s always been one thing standing in the way…..

I can’t sing….

But two weeks ago I got a text from our church’s Service Director:

“Dude, I got the perfect thing for you. We are doing The Distance by Cake Nov 6 and I want you to sing/rap this song. You up for it?”

I was terrified. I tried to sing in a friends band one time in his basement and I realized really quick how bad I was. But since this song had more of a rap feel to it, I decided to go against my better judgement and agree to do it.

It was such a rush to be on stage jamming with these amazing musicians. I may not have the voice of an angel, but I faced my fear and fulfilled a dream!

Here’s a video of the real band Cake, performing “The Distance” on Letterman

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