Explore Your Craft in Orlando

For my birthday Amy picked up tickets to the Explore Your Craft event at Ember in Orlando.

Since moving here over a year ago I’ve seen the Craft Beer industry making some big steps around Central FL.  As a Craft Beer advocate hailing from Michigan this has helped me feel more at home.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Widmer Brothers at Ember on Saturday night, but the evening was way worth the price of admission and I’d do it all over again if they came back.

The location of the event was perfect and the set up was well planned and catered to the Craft Beer culture.

Upon entering we waited in line for a few minutes and were presented with tulip style glassware (my personal favorite glassware).

Once in, beer stations were located in every corner of Ember.  At each station there were signs that described the beers available.  Also at each station was a selection of foods that would go well with the beer.

Around the venue there were large signs that educated you on the other crafts that you experienced.  You could learn about the Artists who were painting, the Chef who provided all the food, and the musical artists that were performing while we were there.

Having not eaten before we got there I was wondering just how long the food would last.  The event was from 6-9pm and not only was the food great, it never stopped coming.

The American Craft Beer culture is more than just about beer.  It’s a celebration of all things made from the hands of local talented Americans.  From everyone we met, including Head Brewer Doug Rehberg, to the overall experience, it was top notch and I tip my hat to Widmer Brothers for their attention to detail and keeping it true to the culture.

My favorite of the night was a toss up between the Oatmeal Brown Ale and the Pitch Black IPA, but I’m going to give it to the Oatmeal Brown, only because that will be the last time I taste it unless I go to Oregon  (They only offer it at the brewery).

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