Efforts to Turn Lake Valerian into a Place for Community

With 920 homes in Sand Lake Hills, there is no park or common area within 5-6 miles for people to meet and connect with their neighbors.

Common areas are great places for parents to meet parents and for kids to play and make friends.  Inside the Sand Lake Hills area is a large piece of property dedicated to Orange County as a retention pond.  It is legally known as Lake Valerian.  However, only a sliver of this beautiful property is being used by the county maintenance crews.  The rest of it is wooded with gorgeous mature trees and open spaces.

View Lake Valerian

I have been on a mission to uncover who owns the property and advocating its use to be for the large amount of people living here to enjoy.

This morning I had the opportunity to meet with Betsy Vanderley, our Orange County Commissioner, to discuss the use of the land in hopes that we can turn this into something positive for the community.

It was a pleasure to meet Betsy and discuss these ideas, and it was great to find out that she and I both share a passion for strong and thriving communities.  I am looking forward to what we both can accomplish together.

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