Defining Moments

Last night while watching “How I Met Your Mother” I heard a great quote.

It reminded me of being a kid and jumping at the opportunity of facing a fear. When I was little, that fear was climbing 10 feet higher on the oak tree when I had already reached the point of being scared. It was standing up to bullies everyday in middle school knowing the outcome may not be in my favor. It was launching off a skateboard ramp that was higher than my comfort level. It was asking out a girl who was way out of my league.

I’ve always hated fear, but I’ve always felt like myself when I stood up to it. I can’t claim that every test was good, I’ve made a lot of dumb decisions. (Those are now filed under “W” for Wisdom)

Last night’s quote had perfect timing. I needed to hear it. It took me back all the way to my youth. It reminded me of the attitude that makes me feel like myself.


“Being scared lets you know you’re on to something important”

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