Cup of Change

While making my pot of coffee this morning I chuckled a bit. Scoop after scoop I was making my coffee just the way I love it. DARK. I even set my brew quality to STRONG. I love my coffee with a rich bold flavor, just the way Starbucks makes their regular blend. Matter of fact, we buy our coffee (extra bold) from Starbucks and/or World Market just to get it the way we like it.

7 years ago, though, my opinions were way different.  If you would have given me a cup of rich bold flavored coffee, I would have curled my lips and thought it tasted burnt.  That 7 some years ago, I was just entering into a business lease in downtown Rochester, MI.  My office happened to be right across the street from America’s favorite coffee house, Starbucks.

For a while, I brewed my own coffee in the office, but soon found myself and my team venturing over to the coffee shop to grab a drink and chat about the day.  Because we were going every day, I went for the regular coffee for $1.29.  Each day I curled my lips as I took a sip of my cup.  But each day and every sip, I began to acquire a taste for this burnt tasting drink, and after a week or so, on a weekend at home, Amy made her normal pot of coffee in the morning.  It was the way we had always made it, but on my first sip…I curled my lips.  It tasted like brown water.

Today, I think the word for the day is change.  While sipping on my morning cup thinking about how my opinion on coffee had changed, I opened my computer to see Dr. Brad Semp’s blog on effective change management.  Sometimes, change is pretty easy; you try something for the first time, and you immediately realize what you’ve had hasn’t nearly been as great as what you’ve just tried.

Sometimes change can be hard, and it takes a couple times before you realize you like it.  I can personally relate that to certain songs I hear, or styles I see.  I don’t always agree with it at first, but after time it grows on me.  Change can be a tough thing, but it will always be a thing.  How we dress, talk, listen, do business..or drink coffee, Change, whether easy or hard, can lead to some pretty tasty moments.

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