Explore Your Craft in Orlando
Oct 2011 10

For my birthday Amy picked up tickets to the Explore Your Craft event at Ember in Orlando.

Since moving here over a year ago I’ve seen the Craft Beer industry making some big steps around Central FL.  As a Craft Beer advocate hailing from Michigan this has helped me feel more at home.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Widmer Brothers at Ember on Saturday night, but the evening was way worth the price of admission and I’d do it all over again if they came back.

The location of the event was perfect and the set up was well planned and catered to the Craft Beer culture.

Upon entering we waited in line for a few minutes and were presented with tulip style glassware (my personal favorite glassware).

Once in, beer stations were located in every corner of Ember.  At each station there were signs that described the beers available.  Also at each station was a selection of foods that would go well with the beer.

Around the venue there were large signs that educated you on the other crafts that you experienced.  You could learn about the Artists who were painting, the Chef who provided all the food, and the musical artists that were performing while we were there.

Having not eaten before we got there I was wondering just how long the food would last.  The event was from 6-9pm and not only was the food great, it never stopped coming.

The American Craft Beer culture is more than just about beer.  It’s a celebration of all things made from the hands of local talented Americans.  From everyone we met, including Head Brewer Doug Rehberg, to the overall experience, it was top notch and I tip my hat to Widmer Brothers for their attention to detail and keeping it true to the culture.

My favorite of the night was a toss up between the Oatmeal Brown Ale and the Pitch Black IPA, but I’m going to give it to the Oatmeal Brown, only because that will be the last time I taste it unless I go to Oregon  (They only offer it at the brewery).

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Patience can Fix a lot of Things
Jun 2011 20

Patience can help you find a deal and save you money.

Patience can prevent a car accident.

Patience can prevent traffic jams

Patience can prevent stress.

Patience can prevent anger.

Patience can prevent frustration.

Patience will help you listen before you speak.

Patience can prevent you from saying something stupid.

Patience can help you see things differently.

Patience will allow things to be used at the right time.

Patience can fix a lot of things.

Actions Speak Louder than Words
May 2011 31

Imagine two people who always say wonderful things about each enter a room. The two of them are separated by a gap filled with water and are told that they are supposed to come together.

Person 1 says to Person 2 “Quickly, jump to me so we can be together” Person 2 listens and leaps toward Person 1. Missing by a mere two inches Person 2 falls face first into the gap. He gets up, dries off and Person 1 says, “You are awesome, jump to me so we can be together” Person 2 is pumped and excited and leaps toward the other. Missing again by a mere 2 inches he falls into the water filled gap. Person 2 repeats the step by drying off while Person 1 continues to say wonderful things while encouraging him to jump. Over and over, they repeat the process which continues to end with the same result.

The problem with this is the effort is all one sided.

Some things that could be different:

1. Person 1 could reach out to Person 2, grabbing them and preventing them from falling into the gap.
2. Both could easily meet in the water as equals. No one ever said where they had to come together.

Relationships require effort from more than one person. Where are you in this story?

Are Managing Relationships Easier Online?
May 2011 23

We’ve all come across this:

1. You call someone, the phone rings and rings and no one answers. A few minutes later you get a text:

“What’s up man?”

Why didn’t they call you?

2. You’re on Facebook scrolling through posts and you see 2 people talking up a storm back in forth in the comments area.

Why don’t they just call each other?

Why are people easier to reach and more talkative/engaging online then they are in person? Have people forgotten how to engage in relationships, or is there something else going on?

What could it be? Here are some of my opinions:

1. You’re too talkative – Maybe you’re a gabber. People love talking to you but they know that calling you will demand a commitment.

2. People are busy – Sometimes people need answers on the go, or maybe they’re in the middle of something (like a meeting). They know you can add value, and they’ll most likely call you later to thank you. (depending on whether you get back to them quick enough)

3. Social Media can disguise a bad communicator – The fact is, managing relationships IS easier online. Although prolonged response can be bad when it comes to keeping the conversation going, there is no awkward silence between back and forth communication. When we’re face to face and ask a question, our response is immediately needed. Although our response online may be needed, we have time to think about it before we spit it out. This allows people to say the right thing and not some stupid thing that’s going to make them sound dumb.

4. People can sound intelligent – This plays into #3, but during face to face debates/arguments most people will not get on their soapbox to stand by their opinion due to lack of knowledge on the subject. Online, a person can quickly google knowledge that will help them prove their point.

5. Conversations can remain simple and effective - In all reality, sometimes texting or social media can keep a needed conversation simple and effective. In crazy times like today we work in places that demand more of us due to the inability to hire more help. This causes us to run wild having to manage not only our work schedule but also our multitude of relationships. Since social media has come into play, our relationships have increased 10 fold making it difficult and sometime near impossible to manage all of them offline. You have to remember, we are more connected then ever before having access and insight to all of these peoples lives online.

All 5 of these factors can attribute to reasons why people choose to communicate online rather than in person. At the end of the day though, building a strong relationship will require you to represent yourself in person. If you avoid the face to face, eventually your relationship will fade. Be sure to identify which relationships are most important to you and be sure to maintain a level of face to face. Having healthy boundries will allow you to manage them effectively and avoid feelings from being hurt.

Sketching the Regulars at The Brewskies
May 2011 23

Hey Brewskies!

We’ve created the beginning sketches of the regulars (and brewmaster) that you will find at the upcoming launch of our unique brewery. To find out what this unique brewery is all about, read our blog:

The Brewskies: A Creative Startup

Jon Wallace, the man behind the pen, has created the facial images that will be a part of bringing to life the personalities of these fun loving characters.

To follow the progress of this new startup, join our Facebook Group and network with other artists as well as craft beer fans! (If you prefer Twitter, you can also find us there @thebrewskies

We are currently using our Facebook Group as the holding page for the upcoming website www.thebrewskies.com. We transfer the location of the domain as The Brewskies website begins to take form.

Without further adieu, Meet some of the regulars at The Brewskies!

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