People who Whine on Social Media
Jan 2012 08

Read your last 20 posts. If 10 or more show you complaining about something, your followers have noticed.

Overtime, your character shows through the consistency of your posts and people get a glimpse/assumption of what it’s like to be around you.  (And who wants to be around somebody who whines all the time?)

Here’s how social media can actually help change your attitude: Choosing to respond differently on social media can also help your attitude to stay positive during difficult times. Since posting something on a site like Facebook or Twitter doesn’t require an immediate response like that of a face to face conversation, you can pause and think of a better way to respond. The simple action of coming up with a positive approach can train your mind to process difficult times a little differently.

Behind the Scenes of the Big Bright Light Show in Rochester, MI
Jan 2012 04

Rochester Michigan is one of my favorite places.  It was there that I….

- Bought my wife’s wedding ring.
- Leased my first office.
- worked with many local companies on marketing.
- Got slightly addicted to Starbucks.
- Got my second tattoo.

It was there that I got to do many things, including the chance to meet some great people.

Rochester is full of great events year round, but there are 2 things that happen there that I absolutely love.

1. The Rochester Mills Oktoberfest
2. The Big Bright Light Show

Funny enough, while doing some marketing for the Rochester Mills Brewery back in the day I got to meet Kristi Trevarrow who worked there and who is now the Executive Director of the Rochester DDA, the group responsible for the amazing Big Bright Light Show.

If you don’t know what the Big Bright Light Show is, here’s a quick glimpse:


Every year however I always find myself wondering about little tidbits of information regarding the whole thing.  After Amy asked me the same questions I decided it was time to email Kristi and see if I could get some answers.

ME: Who puts up the lights?

KRISTI: J. Ranck Electric

ME: How man people work on it?

KRISTI: Varies, but typically two crews of four

ME: How many hours are put into it?

KRISTI: They start October 1, working 5 days per week, 8 hours per day ’til the week of Thanksgiving.

ME: How long do they stay up?

KRISTI: The lights are aglow until January 1, then are re-illuminated for the Fire & Ice Fest the last weekend in January

ME: How many people does the Big Bright Light show attract?

KRISTI: Over 1 million visitors annually

ME: Do businesses see a big increase in sales due to the lights?

KRISTI: On average, about a 15% increase each year. We are just putting out the surveys for this past season

ME: Are there anchors drilled into the sidewalks or buildings, and if so, does that create any cracking or structural issues?

KRISTI: Drilled into both. Great care is taken with anything that we put into the buildings.

ME: How many feet of lights are used?

KRISTI: Not sure on that one, but we are at 1.5 million points of light.

ME: Does downtown Rochester own the lights?


ME: Where are the lights stored?

KRISTI: Top secret location within the City ;)

ME: Any cool facts about the Big Bright Light Show?

KRISTI: It’s been featured on CNN, Fox News and Good Morning America.

If you ever had the chance to visit downtown Rochester during the Big Bright Light Show, you know how beautiful it is.  This begged my last and final question, “Who’s idea was it to blanket the town in lights????”  Turns out, that was Kristi’s.


My feelings exactly
Nov 2011 10

This video makes me smile. This video captures how I feel everyday, even when I don’t live up to it. LOVE IT!

Meet Susan Mcclelland, A Fabric Artist
Oct 2011 22

When Susan McClelland heard that we were looking to turn our son Ethan into Billy the Exterminator for Halloween, she didn’t hesitate to offer her services.

To say Susan likes to be creative is a huge understatement.  Upon entering her home my eyes widened and my own creative energy went through the roof.  Her furniture, drapery, and entire home was exploding with colorful expression, as well as tools and accessories to make and create anything that is associated with fabric.

From reupholstering furniture, customizing wedding dresses, creating Halloween costumes, making jewelry, she does it all.  She showed us Star Wars costumes that she made as well as a Sock Monkey costume she’s currently working on (below).

Walking through her home was like going through Joanne’s Fabrics.  It was amazing the amount of spools, fabrics and accessories that were ready to be crafted into something awesome.

A fairly new resident to Florida, Susan is looking to meet people who could use her services.  If there’s something you’re looking to have done, you can contact Susan at








Yazoo Brewery – Nashville, TN
Oct 2011 14

While in Nashville today I had a few hours to go check out Yazoo Brewery.  The brewery wasn’t open but thanks to a conversation that started on Twitter I happened to catch them right before a private tour of their place.

Neil, who hosted the tour, was kind enough to invite me and my son Ethan along.  It was a great experience!  Below are some photos I snapped using Instagram on my iPhone:

















(Neil, pictured above, was an awesome host to the tour)


One of the things I learned on the tour was that Nashville has a law that without a liquor license a brewery can’t serve any beer over 6%. Even though I had the privilege of tasting their delicious Hops Project IPA, this law did prevent me from getting a taste of their beer called “Sue” which Gerard Wallen of Road Trips For Beer recommended I try.

Thankfully Neil told me a little store two blocks over called Frugal (sp?) had it for sale. I of course picked some up! (I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s a 9% beer according to the bottle)

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