Cashmap launches Weekly Webinar Series

Last week, Dr. Brad Semp launched the beginning of his weekly webinar series on Cashmaps.

Dr. Brad is a leading solution expert in action-centric systems. He designed Cashmaps to be a step-by-step map to help individuals and companies to grow their business. There are two areas of his Cashmap System that he offers.

The first is the Strategy Cashmap, an 11,000 foot overview of the actions needed for each particular focus. (there are over 60 Cashmaps available – See Popular)

The second is the Action Cashmap, a detailed outline of the necessary actions needed to complete the task.

Dr. Brad offers the Strategy Cashmap for free to anyone who signs up on his site. This is not only a huge value for people, but also a justifiable precursor to the value of his Action Cashmaps.

His new weekly webinar series focuses on going over the Strategy Cashmaps and taking questions from guests. The webinars are free to attend and definitely worth the time for anyone who is interested in improving their business.

As an added bonus, Dr. Brad will also offer from time to time discounts and prizes for people who hop online for the webinar.

Last week the topic was focused on the Entrepreneur Cashmap and this week he is moving to the Productivity Cashmap.

For more information regarding Dr. Brad and the weekly Cashmap webinars, visit

Cashmap Weekly Webinar Series
Every Wednesday at 9:30PM (EST)

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