Learning to Water Ski on an Airhead U-Ski Bamboo Platform

Skiing at the Orange County Sportsman’s Club

This past weekend our friends, the Lang’s, hosted a get-together at the Orange County Sportsman’s Club, a non-profit, private boating and sportsmen’s club that was founded in 1931.  The club, originally called the “Panther Club” is located on 12 acres and backs up to Lake Sheen which is part of the Butler Chain of Lakes.

Using an Airhead U-Ski Bamboo Platform

Steve Lang, a former skier at SeaWorld, spent the entire afternoon taking kids out on the lake teaching them how to ski, using an Airhead U-Ski Bamboo Platform.  Both of my boys, who had never water skied before,  were quickly up on the boards and loving it.


Summer Beers at Tiki Vanz

Summer Beers

This months theme for our monthly Brewskies Orlando event was “Summer Beers”.  The event took place at our home on the back pool deck, or as our friends know it, Tiki Vanz.  I cooked my first pork butt in our new smoker and I have to say it turned out pretty good.  Great friends, good beer and awesome music.  It doesn’t get much better than that!