Teaching is a Great Way of Learning

Leaders are easy to spot in a group of people because they are always the first person to step up when needed.

This act sometimes calls for leaders to do something they often aren’t the most qualified to do, but are always the ones willing to do something rather than nothing.

This characteristic of a Leader is often the exact moment that Leader becomes an excellent student to the specific practice. Not only does it require quick studying, but also instant implementation of what they’ve learned.

When you put yourself into a position to learn something, turning around and teaching it to someone else will improve your ability to sustain the knowledge and learn how to effectively use it.

6 P’s to Apple’s Brand Loyalty

A recent survey taken during the release of the iPhone 4 uncovered an astounding 77% of the purchases were upgrades. This type of brand loyalty is coveted by just about any product business and so I began to look at the reasons why I believe people are drawn to Apple and their products. They are what I like to call the 6 P’s of Apple’s Brand Loyalty.

Everyone’s a Guru

As Social Media came on the scene just some few years ago, it went from being the cool thing for teens to do, to young professionals and grandparents signing up and using it. As the last few years have passed a variety of tools and add ons have come aboard tingling the nerves of marketing guys around the world causing them to flock to their online profiles and websites claiming to be gurus in this popular new communication industry. Till this day, I’m confident that the majority of marketing guys who spent 24 hours or less on a social network changed their Bio to add the words “Social Media Guru” in order to take advantage of the numerous people who were technology illiterate.

Whenever Corporations get involved in new trends they seem to always find a way to sterilize the market with their attempts to reach young buyers, and so has it, social networking sites are riddled with information updates and nothing else. Companies that don’t get the concept of social networking find themselves either giving up or continuing to pour money into this new tool with no return.

The Positive Behind the Negative

Negative traits are often found behind the driving force of great accomplishments.  I’ve discovered that often, these traits, are frowned upon and criticized; but are they a key ingredient to the overall outcome?

Often times, people who have eliminated these traits have also negatively effected the strength in what they do.

A couple questions arise out of this: 1. If we can never be perfect, should we be so concerned about negative traits when they happen to help shape us in our accomplishments?