Bar Louie Orlando

Last night I joined a group of people out at Bar Louie in Orlando to watch the amazing BCS game between Auburn and Oregon.

Bar Louie is a popular chain of restaurants located in sixteen states, with four locations right here in Florida

The atmosphere was great for large groups, and although the TV’s on the outside patio were out of order due to the heavy downpour earlier in the day, there were enough screens on the inside to watch from all angles.

Featuring a whole slew of beers on tap, I fell in love with a new one (for me) called Red Brick. As a fan of red beers, I was excited to find out they had 3-4 on tap, something I haven’t found in a lot of pubs around town.

This is the second time I’ve been to a Bar Louie, the first being in Partridge Creek Mall in Clinton Twp., MI. I can’t speak for all locations, but with the outdoor and indoor seating, there was plenty of room to host groups at this location.

Our group, organized by Mark Russell of the Orlando Sentinel, totaled around 25 people. Half the group enjoyed the patio and comfortable outdoor temps, while the rest of the group set up shop near the bar.

While inside I noticed a small-medium size stage in the back corner which peeked my interest for going out and hearing some local talent. I’ll let you know in the future how that turns out.

Bar Louie
7335 Sand Lake Road
Orlando, FL 32819

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