Attitude Really is Everything

Saturday I joined a group of volunteers organized by my church, out in East Winter Garden, FL. The project could have lasted all day, but thanks to a tremendous turnout of volunteers, the project was completed in blazing speed.

At the service project I was humbled by the children who were there.  On a Saturday morning when I’m sure all of them would typically be playing video games or watching TV, they spent their day with a paint brush in hand and serving in the community.  A decision their parents obviously made, and one they had no control over.  Yet after talking with them, they were heartfelt in their reason to serve the families in need.

Most of us do things because we have to.  I’m sure the kids would have rather been at home doing their own thing, and their attitude today could have ruined the mood of the many parent volunteers that were there.

Everyday we wake up with a decision on what attitude we’re going to embrace the day with.  No matter what you do, choose to give it your best

Before I left, I grabbed the Flip video recorder just in case.  I’m glad I did, here’s a piece of our adventure

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