What Color are You?

Who we are is a result of what we have allowed to pour into us. If we look at ourselves like the color of paint, it’s interesting what we’ll see. Let’s say your a cool blue who allows an angry red thought to cross your mind. It comes in, in the amount of a teaspoon, but you don’t dwell on it, so the pouring stops. A gallon of blue is still blue when you add a teaspoon of red, but if you continue to be angry and ignore the true color of who you are, the red will continue to pour and eventually you will no longer be blue.

When you were born, you had a color that was simply you. Every day, people came up to you to pour into your color. Some you rejected, some you allowed, but as you grew older, the colors you allowed in, made you who you are today.

Someone said to me once, “who you hang out with is who you are.” I believe that is almost true. What I’d like to change that to is, “What you let pour into you, is who you become.” I don’t believe that all colors are people, I believe they are also our thoughts. Choosing to dwell on certain thoughts can pour a lot of color into who you are.

Whatever color you are today, isn’t necessarily going to be the color you are in the future. Think about what you want to be, and find ways to pour that color into you. If it’s the same color, continue to pour that color because the more you pour, the harder it will be for another color to change it.

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